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specialist in digital TV and radio


Expert in digital TV and radio
Quantis Electronics B.V. is the expert in the field of digital television and radio.
Our deep-rooted knowledge in this area makes us a serious discussion partner of Dutch cable companies, broadcasters and producers of digital television / radio products. Quantis Electronics plays an active role in the world of digital television. Hundreds of thousands of households in the Netherlands make daily use of the products of Quantis Electronics, such as the HUMAX HDTV receivers and Quantis CI + modules.

Product development
The products and services that Quantis Electronics put into the market are aimed at improving the consumer’s digital viewing and listening experience. Due to our cooperation and experience with cable companies and broadcasters, we are able to optimally guide suppliers in the process of making products suitable for Dutch and Belgian consumers. In addition, Quantis Electronics markets products under its own brand. The Quantis CI + module is an example of this. But also the Quantis QE317, a digital DVB-C radio tuner, is a product that we, in collaboration with the producer, have prepared technically for the Dutch / Belgian market.

Quantis Electronics places high technical demands on the products it markets. The consumer should be able to use it in an easy way. In addition to the high quality, ease of operation and easy installation are therefore not lost sight of.

Retail (Consumer Electronics)
The Quantis Electronics team has extensive experience in retail, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Since Quantis Electronics was founded, we have built up an excellent relationship with all purchasing organizations, independent retailers and chains. “Doing what you promise” is one of Quantis’ core values. In addition, we work with selected, high-quality distributors in the Netherlands and Belgium to distribute our products across both countries.
Of course we do not forget the online channels in the sales process. Our products are for sale at all major online parties in the Netherlands and Belgium. Moreover, Quantis has its own web shops.

In addition to sales and marketing, Quantis Electronics takes care of the entire service handling of the brands we have in-house. We do this, among other things, through our own technical service and helpdesk for retailers and consumers. Our technical service also plays an important role in communication with the manufacturer.

In addition, if desired, we also take care of the entire fulfillment. From developing the packaging, translating documents and implementing marketing campaigns to sending products.

More information
Quantis Electronics is always open to expand its range with interesting products that suit our company. For more information please contact us by mail: info@quantiselectronics.com

The brands of Quantis Electronics


Under the brand name Quantis brings Quantis Electronics CI + modules on the market that are suitable for use in all CI + TV sets certified by the Dutch cable operators.


Thomson has stood for European quality for 130 years. Throughout its history, the company has remained true to its mission of making innovation and cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone. Thomson products combine high quality with ease of use and the latest smart technologies, tailored to the needs and preferences of today’s consumers. Quantis Electronics is an importer of Thomson in the BeNeLux.


Everyone knows Nokia’s mobile phones. But the brand also supplies attractive products in Consumer Electronics. Nokia pays a lot of attention to the ease of use of its products. Because technical highlights are fun, but if a product is not easy to operate, it misses the mark.


Quantis Electronics is an importer of the Norwegian brand Pinell. This brand is the market leader in DAB + radio in Norway. The products of Pinell are distinguished, among other things, by their Scandinavian quality, design and ease of use.

Mobile Pixels

Mobile Pixels is one of the leading companies in the field of mobile monitors. A Mobile Pixels product stands for quality and durability. A lot of attention is paid to the user. Quantis Electronics has an extensive range of Mobile Pixels products. From screens that you simply click on your laptop to separate screens with or without a touchscreen and OLED screen and accessories.


HUMAX is a manufacturer of high quality products for the reception of digital and HD television. The brand is distinguished by ease of use and quality. In addition, it is innovative and a leader in the developments of HDTV.

Point of sales

The products that Quantis Electronics imports can be purchased at the better electronics specialist stores and webshops. These are known for their service and expertise. Our partners can provide our customers with expert advice.

Products from Nokia CE, Thomson, Pinell and Quantis can be purchased at the following specialist stores/webshops:

Contact us

Quantis Electronics B.V. is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Vaalserbergweg 317,

E-mail: info@quantiselectronics.com

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