Quantis Electronics introduces 3D-SoundSystem LSW-1

Press information.
Eindhoven, November 29, 2013.

Sound as intended.
Stunningly good TV sound with new compact 3D SoundSystem LSW-1 from Quantis Electronics.

Quantis Electronics, importer of HUMAX set-top boxes and Quantis CI + modules, introduces a sound system that combines stunningly good 3D sound with an extremely compact design. The Quantis 3D Sound-System LSW-1 makes TV-sound sounds as intended.

The sound of modern flat screen TVs leaves much to be desired. Due to the shallow depth of these TVs, there is hardly any room for good speakers.
The Quantis 3D SoundSystem LSW-1 is a stylish, compact system without additional speakers and clutter of speaker cables. The performance is surprising: it makes the experience of a film, quiz or series really impressive by the spatial sound throughout the room, regardless of where one is in that room. You will also experience this spatial effect when listening to your favorite music.

The user can choose from three audio profiles: music, movie and voice. The special voice mode significantly improves the intelligibility of, for example, the newsreader and guests in talk programs. Music lovers stream music via smartphone or tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth to the LSW-1. In addition, it is also possible to connect a Blu-ray / CD player to play CDs. That means enjoying sublime 3D sound everywhere in the room.

Sonic Emotion
The Quantis LSW-1 features the 3D technology of the leading Swiss company Sonic Emotion.
Six high-quality speaker systems, powered by six digital class-D amplifiers, turn a standard stereo signal into an impressive spatial sound experience. With its solid bass reproduction, the subwoofer provides the essential foundation. As a result, the LSW-1 provides impressive 3D sound anywhere in the room with a wide sound range. And that is unique, because such a spatial sound can normally only be realized by placing additional speakers in the room.

Easy install
The LSW-1 is easy to install and very user-friendly. Spending hours on speaker placement and pulling cables is not necessary.
The system turns on and off automatically with the TV. In addition, all functions can be controlled with the supplied remote control or with the remote control of the TV itself, thanks to the “learning mode”.
Every TV deserves a Quantis!

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